• 30,000 Foot View

    Here's What I've Learned (Top 5)

    • Your network is your most important asset. 
    • It's super-hard to stay focused these days. Get the right tools and build healthy, sustainable routines.
    • Learn to say "No" graciously, and do it more than you say "Yes."
    • Happy wife -- happy life. (ok, that one is pretty obvious)
    • Strive to be a thought-leader and attract the right people to your vision.

    How Do I Spend My Time?

    Thanks for asking! Currently I'm focused on 3 objectives:

    1. Advising companies with smart, hungry, and innovative founders. Right now I love b2b SaaS.
    2. Helping fund-raise for portfolio companies.
    3. Starting-up new businesses in emerging markets.

    What Else Do I Believe In?

    • Connecting people within my network. I've likely done this for you if you've been part of my network for awhile.
    • I focus on giving more than I takeOn giving: do it early and often. Don't expect to receive.
    • Being mentored and mentoring. Do yourself a favor and take this shortcut; there's plenty of other mistakes to make.
    • Sharing advice publicly. Yup. Check my Twitter feed if you need proof.

    Lastly, if you're interested in some of the things I've mentioned here I will absolutely connect with you. Just hit me up with a clear request. If I can help -- I will.


    Cheers // Nick

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